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The Mediterranean World of Bible Archaeology

Volunteer For A Dig or Undertake A Degree Course

Archaeological research teams all over the world are looking for volunteers to help on their digs.

In the Middle East, the opportunities are wide. In addition, credits are available for students wishing to deepen their knowledge as well as addidng to thei University qualifications.

  Find A Dig
Biblical Archaeology Society's listing of current digs in the Mediterranean, contact and accommodation details, academic credits where applicable.

  Archaeology Digs in the Middle East
Listing of digs available in the Middle East.

  Institute for Field Research
We give students the opportunity to join a leading group of archaeologists as they embark on expeditions of discovery throughout the world. Students expand their knowledge of the past, explore vastly different cultures, and deepen their understanding of themselves by participating in archaeological fieldwork. It is the kind of academically rigorous, intellectually rewarding and physically demanding endeavor that asks of all its participants to dig deeper.

  Study the Archaeology of the Land of the Bible IN the Land of the Bible
Join Tel Aviv University's unique international program for a masters degree or credited courses - Combine theoretical classes with fieldwork experience at some of the most exciting excavation sites in Israel.

  The Azoria Project in Crete
The Azoria Project is the excavation of an Early Iron Age and Archaic site (ca. 1200-500 B.C.) on the island of Crete in the Greek Aegean. Fieldwork is conducted by permission of the Greek Ministry of Culture under the auspices of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and the Archaeological Service of Eastern Crete.

Join archaeological digs in Spain and Italy. Excavate ancient sites alongside professional archaeologists. Current projects listing.

  Stobi (The Capital City of Macedonia Secunda) Excavation Project
Field school & archaeological excavation. The variety of activities and the team's professionalism and flexibility make this project suitable for both beginners and advanced in either Field or Roman Archaeology. Individual program and task assignments is available to advanced students.

  Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project
An archaeological survey of the region around the modern village of Pyla, Cyprus. An important facet of PKAP is our commitment to student research, which we accomplish by involving our undergraduate and graduate students in all aspects of our research program.

  Summer Volunteer Work at an Archeological Dig in Greece
Excellent article about first-hand experience at an excavation of the Minoan culture in Mochlos, Crete (2008).

  Down and Dirty: what volunteers bring to archaeological digs
A project leader estimates the advantages for both volunteers and experts - not to mention the wider public.

  Introduction - A Vast Historical Panorama
  Excavations in Progress - Israel General
  Pool of Siloam Jerusalem
  Noah's Ark
  Excavations in Progress - Yemen
  Excavations in Progress - Jordan
  Excavations in Progress - Syria
  Excavations in Progress - Turkey
  Excavations in Progress - Egypt
  Volunteer for a Dig
  Mediterranean Archaeology Photo Sites
  Middle East & Bible Archaeology Books on Amazon

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