The Spirit of God Descending as a Dove

The Holy Spirit Descending as a Dove

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"In my father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you"   John 14 : 2

Near Death Experiences.

Reports and accounts of NDEs - near death experiences are becoming increasingly publicised through videos and books. Historically, some indication of popularity is that the first book on the subject - 'Life After Life' by Raymond A Moody, MD, published in November 1975, was in its 19th printing by August 1977.

The author was fascinated by the first account he heard of a near death experience.     When he recounted the story in public, he was surprised how many people from the audience came to him afterwards and related similar stories. These people had previously been reluctant to share their experiences for fear of ridicule. Dr Moody went on to make a serious study, from which came the book.

People are now much less reticent about coming forward, whioch is part of God's latest move on this earth. Below we share the best of the videos and books currently available:


  Interview with Howard Storm   Mary Lou McCall. One of the very best near death experiences - an atheist finds out for himself that hell and the evil in the spirit realm are terrifyingly real.
  New Zealand Surfer's Experience - Ian McCormack : powerful!
  Interview with Jeffery Thompson   Attorney dies after operation and sees Heaven.
  Cowboy dies of a Heart Attack   Freddy Vest's accident in action at a calf-roping rodeo.
  Atheist Medical Student Encounters Jesus   and his special calling to be with the dying.
  Small Boy Almost Dies of Peritonitis and Returns - "Heaven is for real."
  Air Crash Victim and What He Saw that changed his attitude to life,
  To Hell and Back - criminal's near death experience,
  Dr Mary Neal - Orthopedic Doctor's Near Death Experience in a kayaking accident.
  Water Skier in Deadly Accident - a message for all.
  Atheist Scientist Becomes Christian After Researching Evidence for God - Hugh Ross PhD.
  Latest Scientific Evidence for God's Existence - Hugh Ross PhD.


  Life After Life by Raymond A Moody, MD
  My Descent into Death by Howard Storm
  Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo
  To Heaven and Back by Dr Mary Neal
  Visions From Heaven by Wendy Alec Not strictly an NDE, this relates visions experienced by a true believer under an extreme and lengthy health trial.

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