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Archaeology Of the Pool Of Siloam in Jerusalem

Reports of Excavations at the Pool Of Siloam in Jerusalem.

In 2994=5 it was discovered that the extent of the P and a new round of excavation was undertaken that are still uncovering the full extent of the Pool.ool of Siloam was much larger than had been thought.

  Biblical Pool Uncovered in Jerusalem
2005 news report of the discovery of the Pool of Siloam - "The reservoir served as a gathering place for Jews making pilgrimages and is said in the Gospel of John to be the site where Jesus cured a blind man." [LA Times]

  The Pool of Siloam Revealed (BiblePlaces.com)
Report from 2005 of excavations that uncovered the biblical Pool of Siloam, by Todd Bolen who took part. Excellent photos and update.

  Follow-up on the Pool of Siloam
Blog entry that updates the article - scroll down the page a little.

  Pool of Siloam and David's Palace
The Pool of Siloam, considered a metaphor in John's Gospel by some New Testament scholars, was in fact a huge basin at the lowest point in the city of Jerusalem. Recent excavations have uncovered two corners and one side of the pool that stretched for half the length of a football field.

  Pool of Siloam Uncovered
This report reveals that ancient Jerusalem was much bigger than the NY Times' expert suggested - and that far from being an insignificant little piece of land, it was a real home and holy city for the Jews, for the Pool of Siloam was "old" when Jesus visited it - and it connected to the Temple Mount.

  Holy Land Photos - Pool of Siloam
Over 20 photos of excavations at the Pool of Siloam.

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