Prince of Egypt

'Prince of Egypt'. Movie - Baby Moses

Prince of Egypt

'Prince of Egypt'. Movie - Slavedrivers

Prince of Egypt

'Prince of Egypt'. Movie - The Plagues

Prince of Egypt

'Prince of Egypt'. Parting the Red Sea

Prince of Egypt

'Prince of Egypt'. Movie - Moses

Prince of Egypt

'Prince of Egypt'. Movie - Moses on Sinai

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The Mediterranean World of Bible Archaeology

Mediterranean Archaeology Photo Sites

A small selection of websites whose main function is to display photos or authentic architectural design or artworks of the classical and holy lands of the Mediterranean.

  Holy Land
Archaeological Info as well as astounding Photos - by Dr. C Rasmussen, Professor of Biblical Studies at Bethel College MN, formerly Dean of the Institute of Holy Land Studies in Jerusalem. A really well-organised site with over 2800 photos, and accompanying text.

Photographs and descriptions of biblical and archaeological sites in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Greece

  Israel Photos III
A collection of photographs from Israel with descriptions of scenes and sites pertinent to the study of Christianity.

  Trees And Bushes Of The Holy Land
Tree species with Latin names, identification photographs, locations and Bible scriptures.

  Ritmeyer Archaeological Design
An archaeological architect who has been involved in all of Jerusalemís major excavations. He was chief architect of the Temple Mount Excavations directed by the late Prof. Benjamin Mazar and of the Jewish Quarter Excavations in the Old City of Jerusalem directed by the late Prof. Nahman Avigad.

  Archaeology Illustrated
The brilliant artworks of Balage Balogh, an archaeological illustrator who works with Israeli and American scholars of archaeology,

  The Prince of Egypt
Sorry, folks - I just can't resist putting up a link to this great cartoon film of Moses and the Exodus story - the first traditionally animated film produced and released by DreamWorks (1998). The film grossed $218,613,188 worldwide in theaters, which made it the most successful non-Disney animated feature at the time.   I've always loved cartoon movies.   The writer on the above link points out that DreamWorks seems to be trying to suppress this movie. Well, that's a pity - especially if, as he suggests, one of the reasons is that today's children do not appreciate the old style of cartoons.   Quel dommage! It's a shame that today's tastes are being led by kids who don't always know what they are looking at. Google 'The Prince of Egypt' images and enjoy some real art! Check out also this blog post: My Prince of Egypt Epiphany.

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