Tel Megiddo, Israel

Tel Megiddo, Israel

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Excavations in Progress - Israel General

Reports of Excavations that have been taking place recently in Israel. Many of these sites have openings for volunteer fieldworkers.

Not all of these references are completely up to date, although many of these excavations have been going on for several years. I shall be checking to see if we have the latest information.

  Index of Archaeological Sites in Israel
Maintained by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this is a very exhaustive listing, with an excellent summary of information and some photos for each of the sites listed.

  Archaeologists Excavate Possible Home of Mary Magdalene and Synagogue Where Jesus May Have Preached
Archaeologists are excavating an ancient synagogue and a site that may have been the home of Mary Magdalene. They say Jesus could have preached in the temple as the Gospels say he preached at synagogues in the Galilee.

  The Zeitah Excavations - Archaeology at Tel Zayit
Under Director Ron E. Tappy, the archaeological dig at the ancient biblical town of Zeitah, southwest of Jerusalem, uncovered history of the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age. Work is currently paused pending completion of the first phase of publication. A PDF Brochure about the project is available for download.

  Excavations at Tell en-Nasbeh: Biblical Mizpah of Benjamin
Professor Jeffrey R. Zorn's Research Site including bibliography, site plan and video clips.

  Yavneh-Yam - the Excavation of Jamnea
From 1992 Yavneh-Yam (Jamnea) has been excavated by the Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University, exploring the physical and social background of different ethnic and religious groups who lived there, including Greeks, Phoenicians, Jews, Christians, Pagans, Samaritans, and Muslims

  Tel Beth Shean - Overview
Brief overview of The Beth-Valley Archaeological Project, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Excellent location photograph.

  The Beth Shean Valley Archaeologists Discover "Land of Milk & Honey"
Amihai Mazar, a Professor of Archaeology at the Hebrew University, revealed that the first apiary (beehive colony) dating from the Biblical period has been found in excavations he directed this summer at Tel Rehov in Israel's Bet She'an Valley.

  The Hazor Excavations Project
Tel el-Qedah was first identified with biblical Hazor by J.L. Porter in 1875. Large-scale excavations were conducted at Hazor in 1955-58, and 1968-69 by a team led by the late Yigael Yadin on behalf of the Hebrew University. The 15 areas excavated revealed 21 superimposed cities containing a wealth of relics from biblical Hazor, including temples, fortifications and a huge water system.

  The "Goliath Inscription" from Gath
Tell es-Safi is a large site in Central Israel about half way between Jerusalem and Ashkelon. It is identified as biblical "Gath of the Philistines," one of the major Philistine cities. In 2005, in a well-defined context dating to the 10th or early 9th century BCE, a sherd with a short inscription was found. Read the very interesting commentary here...

  Akeldama Tomb System
Records of the discovery of a large burial complex hewn into the rock near the Silwan village close to Jerusalem. The three large caves proved to be part of an extensive Jewish burial ground in use at the end of the Second Temple period, which terminated in the year 70 CE.

  Reclaiming Biblical Jerusalem - David's Palace
Jewish World reports, "The world of archeology is rocked by evidence of King David's Palace unearthed in Jerusalem."

  Archaeologist Claims Discovery of King David's Palace
The discovery is likely to be a new salvo in a major dispute in biblical archaeology: whether the Kingdom of David was of some historical magnitude, or whether the kings were more like small tribal chieftains, reigning over another dusty hilltop...

  Mt Ebal and the Excavation of Joshua's Altar
Article from the Smithsonian Institution's monthly general interest magazine, reporting on a dangerous archaeological mission on the West Bank.

Peter's House in Capernaum

  Sanctuary Capernaum
Archaeological campaigns from 1968 onwards under the Byzantine martyrdom church foundations, in the area owned by the Franciscan Church.

  The House of Peter: The Home of Jesus in Capernaum?
Buried beneath the remains of an octagonal Byzantine martyrdom church, excavators found the ruins of a rather mundane dwelling dating to the first century B.C. How the remnants of the humble dwelling of Jesus in Capernaum illuminate the beginnings of Christianity.

  Biblical Archaeology 38: Peterís House in Capernaum
Excleelnt details of the strata on this site, found objects, plus a good set of plans and location photos.

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