Ivory Plaque

Ivory plaque, throne at Salamis

Bronze Cauldron

Bronze Cauldron, Salamis

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The Mediterranean World of Bible Archaeology

Archaeological Sites in Cyprus

The location of Cyprus gives it a rich and varied history that is reflected in the variety of its archaeological sites.

The sites represent all periods and some have visitor centres associated with them that offer guidebooks and many of the sites are increasingly well signposted.

  Cyprus Archaeology
Excellent overview of sites in Cyprus, with some really fascinating photographs. Great list of current and recent archaeological reserach projects that have taken place on Cyprus.

  Cyprus World Heritage Sites
Archaeology, Mythology and History of Crete - Archaeological sites and Museums in Crete. Comprehensive listing

  The Belcher Collection of Cypriot Antiquities
Site navigation leaves much to be desired, but Tour Collection and Browse Artefacts do yield some nice artefact images..

  Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project
An archaeological survey of the region around the modern village of Pyla, Cyprus. An important facet of PKAP is our commitment to student research, which we accomplish by involving our undergraduate and graduate students in all aspects of our research program.

  Kourionís Amathous Gate Cemetery, Cyprus
The excavations at Kourionís Amathous Gate Cemetery in southern Cyprus, directed by the late Dr Danielle Parks (Brock University, Ontario), took place each year from 1995 to 2000, with study seasons from 2001 to 2008. The project is now in the publication phase.

  Paul And Cyprus
What does archaeology tell us about Paulís travels through Cyprus (Acts 13:4-12)? Basic information about the journey of Paul and Barnabas in the Cyprus of the times.

  Digging Deeper Holes
20 years as an archaeologist in Cyprus.

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