"My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge."   Hosea 4:6

Apologetics Websites.

  Some of these are not necessarily "Christian" sites, but we know you will have an interest in the knowledge they contain. Use your judgement if information is conflicting.

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Lee Strobel.Com   One of the best: a lawyer investigates.
Dr Gary R Habermas - Resurrection Research Specialist
Decision Magazine interviews Lee Strobel - Transcript
Wellington Christian Apologetics Society - New Zealand Apologetics Archive
Christian Apologetics New Zealand - Excellent resource with articles and videos
Explaining Intelligent Design - A mine of resources on Intelligent Design
Creation Ministries International - in Australia, NZ, Canada and South Africa
Reasonable Faith - William Lane Craig Ministries
Answers in Genesis - Huge Resource
Walter Martin's Religious Info.net
Apologetics.org - The CS Lewis Society
The Christian Arsenal - Articles plus Related Site Links
Abraham didn't exist? Moses a myth? - Archaeological and historical evidence of Biblical accuracy
Ebla: Its Impact on Bible Records by Clifford Wilson, M.A., B.D., Ph.D.
Do the EBLA Tablets Prove the Bible is True? - Current scholastic thinking seems to say 'No'.   However 'early on during the interpretation of these texts, political disputes between Syria and Israel may have forced a retraction of connections that one translator had made with Israelite history".     Say no more.
Are The Sites Authentic? - How can anyone be confident that Christian sites being shown to pilgrims are authentic?     Four factors that help establish the authenticity of NT sites.
The Da Vinci Delusion - Errors and Rebuttals

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